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What couples ARE good candidates for Divorce mediation?

By John B. D'Alessandro |

Last summer we posted a blog describing what types of couples are NOT good candidates for mediation. As that post correctly pointed out, mediation may not be right for every couple at every point in time. But even if mediation did not seem right at some earlier point, because emotions were too high or… Read More »

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Tri-Parenting in New Jersey

By John B. D'Alessandro |

Evolving social norms and the definition of a “family” are leading to new developments in family law, designed to accommodate arrangements that were not around in the U.S. before now.  One issue that has been cropping up around the country:  What is the proper arrangement for the purposes of child custody, child support, legal… Read More »

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Long-term Separation Can Affect Distribution of Assets and Alimony Determination in New Jersey Divorce

By John B. D'Alessandro |

Couples in troubled marriages often do, and often should, take due time to decide whether divorce is ultimately the right choice.  We have discussed trial separation before, which can be a useful in-between option for couples on the fence or where there are medical or other legal benefits to remaining married.  However, married parties… Read More »

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The Complication of Determining Jurisdiction in Child Support Cases

By John B. D'Alessandro |

Custody disputes in the modern world can be complicated and difficult for a number of reasons, not the least of which is determining which court has jurisdiction over the dispute.  If you move during or after a divorce, you may find yourself fighting a legal battle in an entirely different state, creating both logistical… Read More »

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Pet Custody in New Jersey

By John B. D'Alessandro |

What to expect when your “child” custody case is a little bit hairy… More frequently than ever before, people facing divorce or separation are concerned about losing a shared pet. Pets are not objects, yet they are treated as personal property in New Jersey divorce cases, like jewelry or a car. However, inroads are… Read More »

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Who Gets “Custody” of a Frozen Embryo in a New Jersey Divorce?

By John B. D'Alessandro |

The arena of fertility presents new and complex legal challenges in addition to changes to the traditional ideas of the American family.  When partners choose to go through in vitro fertilization, typically there are additional frozen embryos created beyond those used for the immediate pregnancy.  If the parties split up, what happens to the… Read More »

Co-parents arguing in front of their child

Can a Parent Move a Child Out of State With Joint Custody?

By John B. D'Alessandro |

Unmarried or divorced co-parents have to continually make decisions regarding the welfare of their children, and while joint decision-making between the parents is always the best option, exes (whether originally married or otherwise) often disagree.  One common issue that arises:  How should co-parents deal with the potential for relocation, such as if one spouse… Read More »

Couple undergoing legal separation

Marital Separation in New Jersey

By John B. D'Alessandro |

Clients often consider whether a “trial separation” period can be good for their marriage.  A separation period can help a married couple reorient their priorities and either ultimately decide to reunite and try again, or at least come to the divorce process with a cooler head to make the process amicable and run more… Read More »

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Can I appeal my Divorce Arbitration Award in New Jersey?

By John B. D'Alessandro |

Arbitration and mediation are often an important part of divorce procedure in New Jersey.  The process can be easier and cheaper than resolving every issue through complex litigation.  But if either party ends up disagreeing with the ultimate result after the fact, when and how can arbitration awards be appealed?  Continue reading to learn… Read More »

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Is Dating during a Divorce a Good Idea?

By John B. D'Alessandro |

If you’ve filed for divorce from your spouse, there’s a good chance that you’ve been unhappy in your relationship for many months, if not for years. You may be eager to explore new relationships by hopping back into the dating pool. Perhaps you’re eager to begin dating someone for whom you’ve long had feelings… Read More »

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