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Woman signing prenuptial agreement in court

Voiding a Prenuptial Agreement in NJ: Is It Possible?

By John B. D'Alessandro |

Prenuptial or premarital agreements establish certain terms in advance of marriage that may be enforced during the marriage or upon divorce. The parties can dictate in advance, for example, how marital assets will be split, or how alimony will be set. New Jersey courts will usually enforce valid prenuptial agreements. But what if the… Read More »

child support concept

Is Child Support Considered Income in NJ?

By John B. D'Alessandro |

After a divorce, you have to deal with several big changes. Not only are you no longer married and potentially fielding a child custody arrangement; you’ll also be dealing with several complex financial issues. You’ll likely need to adjust your insurance coverage and retirement plans, you may need to find a new place to… Read More »

Stressed senior man worrying about divorce

What Is Considered a Gray Divorce in NJ?

By John B. D'Alessandro |

What Is Considered a Gray Divorce in NJ? If you’ve looked into divorce, you might have come across the term “gray divorce.” Does the term hold any legal weight? What does it actually mean? Are there special legal processes or procedures for gray divorces? Read on to learn about gray divorces and why they… Read More »

medical report and test containers to an analytical study

Can You Drug Test the Opposing Party in a Divorce?

By John B. D'Alessandro |

Ideally, when you divorce with kids, you and your ex can agree to a child custody arrangement based on your respective needs and the best interests of your children. Unfortunately, real life is rarely so simple. Even parties to an amicable divorce can disagree over custody schedules and parenting time. If you believe your… Read More »

child holding hand of adult parent outside in summer park

What to Do if Your Ex Violates the Child Custody Agreement

By John B. D'Alessandro |

Child custody arrangements can be established as part of a divorce or as a separate court proceeding. Even if you reached your own agreement on child custody with your ex rather than having the court decide, once that agreement is incorporated into a court order it has the power of law. Neither you nor… Read More »

child support concept

How to Know if Child Support Is Fair

By John B. D'Alessandro |

If you share children with another person from whom you are getting divorced, are already divorced from, or were never married to and are living apart, making sure the children you share together are adequately supported is an apprehension that probably tops your list of concerns surrounding the divorce or breakup. This is true… Read More »

Young Couple Came To The Lawyer. Divorce Concept. Blame Each Other. Broken Heart. Consultation With A Professional Specialist. Themis Statue. Documents Preparing. Family Disharmony.

Things to Do Before Asking for a Divorce

By John B. D'Alessandro |

The divorce process starts well before you actually file the papers. If your marriage is struggling and you think divorce might be your best option, there are important considerations to keep in mind. Below, we discuss a few important steps to take before you ask for a divorce. If you are considering divorce in… Read More »

Separation of property of a mature couple. Senior husband and wife sign a divorce agreement. Relationship crisis, breakup.

Divorcing a Spouse Who Is Also a Business Partner in NJ

By John B. D'Alessandro |

When you divorce, unless a valid premarital agreement specifies otherwise, all marital assets are subject to division. Marital property–meaning anything acquired since the marriage began–will be divided between the parties in accordance with the principles of equity and fairness. Property is broadly defined, including standard assets such as bank accounts and real estate but… Read More »

Family of one mother and two sons laughing together at park

Child Dependency Issues in New Jersey Family Law

By John B. D'Alessandro |

When children are brought into the New Jersey legal system, it’s important that they are adequately represented and that their interests are paramount. Judges will often see to this by appointing a guardian ad litem to protect a child’s interests, and New Jersey law requires courts to consider the child’s best interests first and… Read More »

mother teaching son and helping with homework at home, son giving high five to mother

What Happens if I Do Not Pay Child Support in NJ?

By John B. D'Alessandro |

Following a divorce, it’s typical for the non-custodial parent to make child support payments to the custodial parent. Child support payments can be reached through mutual agreement between both parties or determined through formal court proceedings. No matter the circumstances of a divorce, if child support payments are an outcome of a divorce, it’s… Read More »

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