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Court props related to mediation process

Divorce Mediation Is Not Always Binding

By John B. D'Alessandro |

Traditional courtroom divorces can be expensive, exhausting, combative, and long-lasting. Rather than subject themselves to the stress and strain of traditional divorce, many couples now explore divorce alternatives such as arbitration and mediation. While these alternatives can provide a more amicable path to ending a marriage and dividing assets, couples must keep in mind… Read More »

shared custody of a child

Child’s Best Interest is Considered in All Types of New Jersey Child Custody Cases

By John B. D'Alessandro |

In a new decision from the NJ Appellate Division, the judge confirmed and clearly held what is, in fact, long-established child custody law in New Jersey—that regardless of the type of custody case, the same rules apply regarding discovery and investigation, and all trial court judges are obligated, without exception, to apply the legal… Read More »

Strained relationship between couple

Strained Relationship with Child Not a Basis to Change Support Obligation

By John B. D'Alessandro |

The New Jersey Appellate Division has recently issued an opinion which affirms a trial court’s order compelling a parent to support his children’s college expenses, despite having a strained relationship with his children and offering little input into the college selection decision. Learn about the court’s decision below, and contact a New Jersey family… Read More »

Woman scratching her head with caption holiday stress

The Myth of the Holiday Spike in Domestic Violence

By John B. D'Alessandro |

Around the holidays a familiar narrative always crops up:  People are more stressed, are consuming more drugs and alcohol, and as a result, are committing more acts of domestic violence.  Local news outlets tend to perpetuate this view.  While domestic violence is an incredibly real and pervasive problem across the country, recent studies have… Read More »

White and black image of a couple fighting planning to get a divorce

What We Can Learn From JWoww About New Jersey Divorce Cases

By John B. D'Alessandro |

In September, Jennifer Farley, known to fans as JWoww from the Jersey Shore and other shows, filed for divorce from longtime boyfriend and husband of three years Roger Mathews. The couple have two children together, a daughter, aged four, and a two-year-old son. Since filing for divorce, the couple had remained living together in… Read More »

Sign that reads helpful tips

What couples ARE good candidates for Divorce mediation?

By John B. D'Alessandro |

Last summer we posted a blog describing what types of couples are NOT good candidates for mediation. As that post correctly pointed out, mediation may not be right for every couple at every point in time. But even if mediation did not seem right at some earlier point, because emotions were too high or… Read More »

Family gathering picture

Tri-Parenting in New Jersey

By John B. D'Alessandro |

Evolving social norms and the definition of a “family” are leading to new developments in family law, designed to accommodate arrangements that were not around in the U.S. before now.  One issue that has been cropping up around the country:  What is the proper arrangement for the purposes of child custody, child support, legal… Read More »

Floor cracked with divorce sign

Long-term Separation Can Affect Distribution of Assets and Alimony Determination in New Jersey Divorce

By John B. D'Alessandro |

Couples in troubled marriages often do, and often should, take due time to decide whether divorce is ultimately the right choice.  We have discussed trial separation before, which can be a useful in-between option for couples on the fence or where there are medical or other legal benefits to remaining married.  However, married parties… Read More »

A book about child custody

The Complication of Determining Jurisdiction in Child Support Cases

By John B. D'Alessandro |

Custody disputes in the modern world can be complicated and difficult for a number of reasons, not the least of which is determining which court has jurisdiction over the dispute.  If you move during or after a divorce, you may find yourself fighting a legal battle in an entirely different state, creating both logistical… Read More »

owner carrying pet under umbrella in the rain

Pet Custody in New Jersey

By John B. D'Alessandro |

What to expect when your “child” custody case is a little bit hairy… More frequently than ever before, people facing divorce or separation are concerned about losing a shared pet. Pets are not objects, yet they are treated as personal property in New Jersey divorce cases, like jewelry or a car. However, inroads are… Read More »

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