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How to Prove You’re a Fit Parent in Court in NJ?

By John B. D'Alessandro |

There is little more insulting and alarming than having your parental rights threatened via allegations that you are an unfit parent. If your former spouse or another party tries to take away your custody rights by claiming that you pose a danger to your kids, what can you do? Continue reading to learn how… Read More »

Closeup of male hand signing divorce papers

What Documents Are Needed For Divorce?

By John B. D'Alessandro |

When going through a divorce, you’ll gather more paper than for just about any other event in your life. There are a number of issues pertinent to your divorce, and the more work you do in advance gathering relevant evidence, the more efficient your divorce attorney can be when litigating your divorce in court… Read More »

Child concentrated boy with laptop doing homework with headphone.

Relocating Mid-School Year After Divorce

By John B. D'Alessandro |

Divorce is a time of change. After your divorce, you may decide to change jobs, move to be closer to family, or simply need a change of scenery to reflect the new chapter in your life. When you have shared children with your ex, however, moving can become complicated. If you decide to relocate,… Read More »

Religious Christian girl and her mother praying over Bible indoors

How Do NJ Courts Deal With Religious Child Custody Disputes?

By John B. D'Alessandro |

Arguments over how best to raise the children can be complicated in a stable marriage. When co-parents are divorced, making those decisions can be even more challenging. Many parents hold strong religious views and care deeply about ensuring that their children carry those same values. What happens if divorced or otherwise separated parents disagree… Read More »

unhappy couple having argument at home

What Will Happen to a Divorce if the Court Thinks Reconciliation is Possible?

By John B. D'Alessandro |

Every state in the country now has some form of no-fault divorce. Rather than needing to demonstrate that one party committed abuse, adultery, or some other wrongdoing, parties can simply assert that the marriage has broken down and seek a divorce based on that fact alone. In New Jersey, the two no-fault grounds for… Read More »

A businessman separates part of the money from the total. Payment of taxes and deductions. Corruption Kickback on orders, bribery. Financial management and distribution of funds. Saving and investing.

How to Avoid Paying High Taxes With Alimony

By John B. D'Alessandro |

Deciding how to craft a divorce settlement agreement requires more than simply resolving who wants what property and who gets the kids on the weekends. Divorcing parties must take into account all ancillary consequences of any divorce decision, including insurance coverage, retirement accounts, and taxation. Property distributions, alimony, and child support are all treated… Read More »


What Are the Benefits and Limitations of Legal Separation in NJ?

By John B. D'Alessandro |

Couples who are considering divorce often look to some sort of trial separation period to test the waters before fully committing to divorce. Some states offer a legal process for separation that is distinct from divorce. Learn about the options for legal separation in New Jersey below, and call a New Jersey divorce attorney… Read More »

Business Financing Accounting Banking Concept, businessman doing finances and calculate about cost to real estate investment, Concept mortgage loan approval

Do I Need an Appraiser in My Divorce?

By John B. D'Alessandro |

An important step in any New Jersey divorce is the valuation of the couple’s assets. The value assigned to the property owned jointly by a married couple, sometimes known as the “marital estate,” will guide the judge’s decisions on how that estate will be divided between the spouses. The marital estate is often comprised… Read More »

Divorce and dividing a property concept. Man and woman are signi

How is Property Divided in a New Jersey Divorce

By John B. D'Alessandro |

Most people have a general understanding that, in the event of divorce, property owned by the spouses will be divided up and distributed to each party. Each state, however, has its own set of rules regarding what types of property will be divided and precisely how that property will be divvied up. What is… Read More »

Couple distressed from financial problems mounting bills

What is a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) in NJ?

By John B. D'Alessandro |

Not all marital assets are readily divisible. While some divorces involve only bank accounts, stocks, and real estate, other divorces involve more complex assets. Depending on the asset, additional resources may be necessary to value, apportion, and distribute those assets. Retirement accounts are relatively common marital assets that often require additional administrative hassle in… Read More »

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