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Divorce Modification Attorney in New Jersey Serving Union, Essex, and Middlesex County

Union, New Jersey divorce modification attorney John B. D’Alessandro helps clients with issues that arise after the divorce has been finalized and a final judgment has been entered. Even post-divorce, clients may find a need to return to court or for legal support in matters such as relocations, modification of court orders for custody and support, and enforcement of judgments and divorce decrees.


A promotion or job opportunity, or simply the desire to make a new start elsewhere, may bring about the intention for a divorced parent to relocate to a new town farther away, out of state or even out of the country. A parent seeking to relocate and remove the child from the jurisdiction must first obtain approval from the court. This requires demonstrating a good faith reason for the relocation and proving that the move will not harm the child’s interests. If the nonmoving parent objects, he or she may challenge the proposed relocation as retaliatory or demonstrate that the move would be inappropriate or harmful to the child. As an experienced child relocation lawyer, John B. D’Alessandro helps custodial parents bring requests to relocate and also represents noncustodial parents in battles to protect their parenting rights and keep their children near them.


A relocation, even of the non-custodial parent, would likely require a modification of the child custody arrangement, including the parenting plan or visitation schedule. Besides a move-away, there are other changed circumstances which may justify a modification of a child custody or child support order, or a change in alimony. For instance, a change in the income or financial needs of either party could call for an increase or decrease in the support amount. Also, disciplinary or other issues with the child, or health issues or other problems with a parent, could necessitate a modification of a child custody order. When seeking to obtain or challenge a post-judgment modification, it is important to be represented by an experienced New Jersey family law attorney who can advocate effectively on your behalf in the courtroom.


Domestic relations orders for child custody, child support, alimony and the division of property are enforceable court orders. Sometimes there is a dispute as to whether these orders are being followed, and it is necessary to return to court to resolve the matter. Legal tools which might be available include citations for contempt of court, or legal mechanisms such as liens and garnishments to collect money or property which is owed. We represent parties seeking to compel enforcement or challenge and defend against accusations that court orders are not being followed.

Experienced Legal Representation in New Jersey Modification, Child Relocation & Enforcement Actions

If you need advice and representation regarding a proposed relocation or any modification or enforcement of a divorce decree in Union, Essex or Middlesex counties, please contact the Law Offices of John B. D’Alessandro in Union for assistance.

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