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What is a Pre-Divorce Planning Session? Are They Helpful?

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Divorces can be complex. They may touch upon nearly every aspect of your life, they require gathering extensive volumes of documents and financial information and, to get what you want out of the divorce, you need to be careful and strategic. The best way to prepare for a divorce is to plan ahead. The seasoned New Jersey divorce attorney John B. D’Alessandro offers confidential pre-divorce planning for married persons planning to file for divorce. Below, our family law legal team explains what a pre-divorce planning session is and how it can benefit your case.

Is a Pre-Divorce Planning Session the Same as an Initial Consultation?

The pre-divorce planning session is very different from an initial consultation. An initial consultation with an attorney is meant to be an introduction between you and an attorney you might hire. The attorney will explain their qualifications, experience, and rate structure, while you will provide them with a general overview of your matter. The attorney may give you some general impressions of the case but will not give you detailed legal advice as you have not yet signed a retainer agreement.

A pre-divorce planning session, in contrast, takes place after you have retained the attorney. Your attorney will provide in-depth legal advice concerning all aspects of your pending divorce, and you will go into detail about your hopes, expectations, concerns, and desires for the case. The session takes place before you file for divorce but after you have decided that the marriage needs to end.

What Do You Cover in a Pre-Divorce Planning Session?

A pre-divorce planning session is meant to kick-start your divorce preparation. You and your attorney will cover all issues pertinent to your future divorce in order to give you a head start on the case before filing. You and your divorce attorney will cover issues including:

  • The tax implications of divorce
  • Which assets are marital and which are separate
  • Who owns which property and how that will likely resolve in court
  • Business ownership
  • Retirement plans
  • Cost and timing expectations
  • Budgeting for divorce and post-divorce life
  • Child custody
  • Alimony and child support
  • What to do and what not to do during the divorce proceeding

The pre-divorce planning session gives you the chance to ask all of your initial questions and express your expectations, worries, and hopes for your divorce. The session gives your attorney the chance to get a detailed outlook of your pending divorce, start the process of gathering evidence, and prepare to hit the ground running by the time the divorce is filed.

Should I Have a Pre-Divorce Planning Session?

A pre-divorce planning session allows you and your attorney to walk into the divorce case already prepared to go. It allows you to ask your questions and assuage your concerns so that you know exactly what to expect going into the proceeding. It gives you a stronger starting position for negotiations and legal arguments. In short: Just about anyone can benefit from pre-divorce planning. People with substantial assets or special concerns, such as business owners, physicians, and celebrities, can especially benefit from a planning session. If you are planning to file for divorce, contact an experienced divorce attorney as soon as possible to set up your pre-planning session.

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