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Knowing When It’s Time to Divorce

Husband delivering bad news to wife

No matter how unhappy you are in your marriage, it can be difficult to tell whether getting a divorce is the right decision. If you’ve spent years or even decades with your spouse, it can be challenging to tell whether you’re at a low ebb with a rebound in your future, or whether the relationship has reached a point of irreparability.

No one else but you and your spouse will ever know whether your relationship can be resurrected. That said, below you’ll find several signs that often indicate the end of a marriage. Read on to consider whether it may be time to move on from your relationship, and speak with a knowledgeable New Jersey divorce attorney with any additional questions.

You rarely spend time with your spouse.

Long-term married couples don’t need to spend every moment together in order for a relationship to be considered healthy. That said, if you and your spouse have developed entirely separate lives from one another, this may be a sign that your relationship has reached its end. In some cases, spouses who spend more and more time out of the home are, consciously or unconsciously, preparing themselves for singlehood by developing a social life independent of their spouse.

Financial considerations are the only thing keeping you from leaving.

Considering caring for yourself and your child on a single salary after years of sharing expenses with a spouse can be anxiety-producing. But spending your life with a partner who makes you unhappy should also make you worry about whether you’re passing on greater happiness simply in the name of convenience or comfort. A skilled divorce attorney may have advice on how to make life work on a single salary after a split.

You’re staying together “for the kids.”

As a parent, you want to do your best to be a good role model for your child, exhibiting positive character traits that you would want them to emulate. You may think that remaining in a marriage that isn’t working will better promote the happiness and well-being of your children. However, children are smart enough to tell that you aren’t happy in your relationship with your spouse. Think about the message this sends your children about what marriage and loving relationships should look like. Consider instead showing your children that they should not settle for a relationship full of disagreements and hostility, and that they deserve a relationship with a loving partner who encourages their happiness.

The relationship has become abusive.

No one deserves to be the victim of physical or emotional abuse, least of all from the person who should be their strongest supporter and ally. If you’ve become the victim of abuse, it’s time to find a way out of that marriage. A New Jersey family law attorney can help you take the next steps toward divorce and can help you obtain a temporary restraining order against your spouse to ensure that you’re safe after initiating a separation.

If you’re considering filing for divorce in New Jersey, discuss your options with a skilled and knowledgeable attorney by contacting the Union family lawyer John B. D’Alessandro at 908-964-0102.

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