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Is It a Good Idea to Switch Attorneys Mid-Divorce?

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Whether you have the world’s best attorney or a real hack, divorce is often a time-consuming, frustrating process. If you’re finding the divorce process more difficult than you’d imagined it would be, you might be wondering if the problem is your choice of divorce attorney. Read on to learn whether it’s time to consider a change to a new family law attorney to handle your case, and contact an experienced New Jersey divorce lawyer with any additional questions.

Even with a talented attorney, divorce may be difficult

When your divorce isn’t going the way you’d hoped, it can be tempting to blame the professional you’ve hired to handle your case for you. It’s important to remember that winning every motion or coming out on top in every negotiation isn’t the only sign that your attorney is working hard on your case, nor is the speed of your case. While you may feel that you’re entitled to a certain outcome on an issue, there may be legal reasons why the court ruled against you, or even strategic reasons why your attorney suggested you compromise on one issue in favor of a legal benefit to be gained later on in your case. If you feel like your case isn’t moving as fast as it should be, remember that the court system is overburdened. In some cases, complex divorce cases can take years due to the slow pace of the court in issuing its decisions.

Communicate your concerns

Before deciding to fire your lawyer, discuss your concerns and questions frankly. If you don’t agree with the litigation choices your attorney is making, ask why they’re making the choices they’re making and whether it might make sense to change course to the direction you feel is better. If you feel that the case is moving too slowly or you’re concerned that your attorney isn’t being sufficiently proactive, ask about the reasons for the delays in your case and if you can set up a schedule to receive regular updates.

While every divorce can be challenging, the following are signs that your attorney is, in fact, the problem, and that you should consider making the switch to new counsel:

You can never get in touch with your lawyer: Chances are good that your attorney is often busy with other cases; in fact, this can be a sign that they’re in demand because of their good reputation as a lawyer. But if you can never get your lawyer to call you back or respond to your emails in a timely manner, this can be a very bad sign.

Your lawyer seems disorganized: If it seems like your lawyer is always asking for more time, postpones settlement conferences or hearings, or asks you to resubmit documents that you’ve already submitted, this could be a sign that your lawyer is not sufficiently organized to provide competent legal representation.

The court has reprimanded your attorney: When attorneys repeatedly miss deadlines or otherwise seem careless or cause unnecessary headaches in the case, the judge may draw attention to this fact in court or in their written opinions. Be sure to read the court’s written decisions and attend important hearings so that you remain aware of how your lawyer is performing.

If you’re in need of experienced, effective divorce counsel for your New Jersey divorce, contact the seasoned and skilled Union family law attorney John B. D’Alessandro for a consultation at 908-964-0102.

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