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How to Find a Divorce Lawyer in New Jersey

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Divorces are complicated and every divorce brings its own set of unique circumstances and difficulties. One of the most important aspects of finding the best divorce lawyer for your case is finding one who has experience with the specific details of your divorce proceedings.

At the Law Offices of John B. D’Alessandro, our experienced lawyers have an in-depth understanding of a range of divorce proceedings and offer comprehensive representation for divorces that require a special focus on child support and child custody, alimony, and equal distribution of property.

Today, we’ll go over some important factors to consider when looking for the right divorce lawyer to represent you and your interests.

Begin Your Search Locally

When you begin your search for a divorce lawyer in New Jersey, it’s important to start by focusing your search on your locality as lawyers in your region will have a better understanding of how the judges in your locality operate. Begin by asking for referrals and doing research on attorneys who have been suggested to you. As you research attorneys, pay attention to their experience, their services, their success rate, and how their previous cases align with your own.

Ask Targeted Questions

One of the best ways to gauge a divorce lawyer’s experience is by asking targeted questions about how they can best serve you. Consider these questions when searching for the right divorce lawyer in New Jersey:

  • Does the attorney specialize in family law? If so, are there any specific areas of concentration? For example, look to see if they have experience in cases dealing with child support and custody, alimony, complex financial cases, or divorces with varying assets including property and businesses.
  • Does the lawyer practice in a specific geographic area in the state and do they have familiarity with the judges who preside over the region your case will proceed in?
  • What are the attorney’s strengths and weaknesses and how will these play into the specific circumstances of your case?

Understand the Attorney’s Style of Practice

It’s also important to understand the practice style of the attorneys you look into. Divorce can be a very traumatizing experience, and having an attorney who was by your side throughout the process can help minimize some of the hardship. Some important questions to consider asking a potential attorney include the following:

  • How do you communicate with your clients? For example, is your preferred method in person, over the phone, or via email?
  • What do you consider a timely response when returning communication with your clients?
  • How do you approach developing a strategy with your clients that will help them better build their case, and how do you involve your clients in that strategy-building process?
  • Will the attorney you communicate with be the only attorney handling the case, or will there be several lawyers within the firm handling the case? If there are other attorneys, what experience do they bring to the table?
  • How will experts be used in my case, if at all?

Pose Questions About Attorneys Fees

Discussing the cost breakdown of obtaining an attorney is especially important to understand before you begin working with anyone. Asking questions about cost upfront will help clarify any misunderstanding and will give you a better sense of moving forward with the attorney you choose. Important questions related to cost that you should consider include the following:

  • What is the attorney’s retainer fee and how does the law firm move forward with billing after the retainer fee has been depleted?
  • What are the hourly billing rates?
  • How is billing handled when multiple lawyers are working on a case? What about billing when there are other staff members at the law firm handling the case or offering services to the case?

Find a Lawyer Who Will Fight For You

The qualified attorneys at the Law Offices of John B. D’Alessandro can help you navigate the complexities of your divorce proceedings no matter the circumstances. Our experienced attorneys will walk by your side and help you seek the resolution you deserve. Reach out today to speak with a qualified attorney.

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