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Four Questions to Ask Before Getting a Divorce

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Making the decision to end a marriage, especially when children are involved, is never simple. Asking yourself the following questions can help you decide whether you’re ready to file for divorce. Speak with a knowledgeable New Jersey divorce attorney with any additional concerns. 

Have I done all I can to save or repair the relationship?

One person acting alone can’t save a relationship, but before filing for divorce, ask whether you’ve at least done what you can to fix what’s broken in your relationship. Have you made your concerns about problems in the relationship clear to your spouse? Have you kept an open mind about your spouse’s ability to change, or have you concluded that they can’t change in the ways you need? Have you sought out help from a therapist, either for yourself or as a couple? If you’ve taken every conceivable step to fix what isn’t working, then it may be time to move on.

Am I making a decision in a moment of high emotions?

Even if your relationship has been on the rocks for a while, don’t make the decision to split up in a moment of high tension. Wait until tempers have cooled and you can look at the relationship with a cooler head. If a divorce still seems like the right decision after you’ve calmed down and interacted with your spouse on less heated terms, then you can feel more confident in your decision.

Am I safe in my home, and are my children safe?

Announcing a separation is often a time when serious assaults occur in abusive relationships. If you’re worried that filing for divorce will enrage your spouse, find accommodations for yourself and your children before telling your spouse that you want to end your marriage or legally separate. A family law attorney can help you to file for a restraining order to ensure you remain safe.

Am I prepared to file for divorce in New Jersey?

Filing for divorce can be costly, not only because of the court costs and attorneys’ fees, but because you’ll need to be ready to establish a new home and move from sharing expenses with a spouse to affording them on your own. Be sure that you have access to the financial resources you’ll need. Another critical aspect of preparing to file for divorce is finding the right attorney to handle your case—someone with years of experience in New Jersey family law, who is prepared to handle your case in the way that best suits your needs and family dynamic.

If you’re considering ending a New Jersey marriage and want to ensure that you receive experienced and considerate legal assistance in the process, contact the Union offices of New Jersey family law attorney John B. D’Alessandro for a consultation at 908-964-0102.

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