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Deciding to Divorce in the New Year

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With a new year comes the opportunity for a fresh start. For some, this might mean introducing a new fitness regime into their lives, or eating healthier. For others, this may mean ending a relationship that is no longer a source of joy or fulfillment by starting the process of obtaining a divorce. Read on to learn about the common reasons that individuals often file for divorce in January, and speak with a knowledgeable New Jersey divorce lawyer to help you make the right decision.

According to court records, as well as anecdotal evidence provided by many divorce attorneys, January is one of the most popular months to file for divorce. What leads so many couples to decide January is the time to end their marriage?

They tried to put on a happy face through the holiday season

Many couples—especially those with children—wish to avoid telling loved ones about their divorce right before the holidays, fearing that they’ll ruin the holidays for their families. While no one wants to ruin the holidays for the family, keep in mind that trying to hide your failing marriage from children and loved ones may not have the effect you’re hoping it will; many adult children of divorce can remember the pain and tension in their homes during the holiday season immediately before their parents split.

They use earnings from the end of the year to cover the expenses associated with divorce

Some couples put off divorce for purely practical reasons; namely, to wait on the income they expect to receive through year-end bonuses. Divorce can involve a number of large expenses at the outset, such as the cost of obtaining new housing, or the cost of securing legal help to file your petition for divorce.

The holidays are the death knell for the relationship

Holidays can bring stress to even the happiest of families, but when there are already cracks in the foundation of a relationship, the holiday season may prove to be a breaking point. Additionally, some couples might believe that the magic of the holiday will help them resolve the tensions that have been building between them over the course of the year. Unfortunately, for a marriage that is beyond repair, this doesn’t often occur.

People realize that they deserve better than to stay in an unhappy relationship

The start of a new year is a great time to evaluate what changes you could make to increase your quality of life. It can be difficult to find greater satisfaction in life overall when your most significant relationship is a source of unhappiness. Life is too short to stay in a marriage that isn’t working and can’t be fixed.

If you’re considering filing for divorce in the new year, find out how best to prepare for this major life event by contacting the seasoned and compassionate Union family law attorney John B. D’Alessandro for a consultation, at 908-964-0102.

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