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Considering Adopting a Child? Four Aspects of Adoption You May Not Know

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Many happy families are formed through adoption, whether that adoption is from a birth mother directly, from an overseas orphanage, through foster care, or otherwise. While the adoption experience can have wonderful results, adoptions do not come without challenges that parents should consider as they begin the process of adoption. Read on to learn more about what to expect if you’re planning to adopt a child, and contact a knowledgeable and caring New Jersey family law attorney to learn more about inviting a child into your family through adoption.

Adoption can take time. During the process of adoption, many hurdles can arise that will cause the process to take much longer than was originally estimated. Overseas adoptions are especially prone to come with delays, including difficulty bringing your child back to the US from their home country or challenges with obtaining a visa for your child. Even domestic adoptions can hit road bumps. Remember that delays are inevitable to avoid feeling blindsided, and keep your ultimate goal of forming a family front of mind to keep you motivated and persistent.

Adoption costs can grow beyond the estimates you receive. Agencies may provide estimates of how much you can expect to spend on an adoption, but these estimates almost always fall short of the ultimate cost. Set aside two to three times more than the estimate you receive. In the event you don’t need it all, you’ll have a head start on a college fund.

Find a supportive community to help you through the adoption process: Not everyone understands why someone would want to adopt, and some strangers might even ask rude questions about the child’s “real” family. Surround yourself with friends and loved ones who will support you, and reach out to support groups either through an agency or online who can empathize with the challenges you’re facing and answer questions you may have.

Consult with an experienced adoption lawyer: Having compassionate and dedicated legal help on your side throughout the adoption process can make all the difference in ensuring that your adoption goes smoothly and is successful. Countless legal issues can arise during the adoption, such as challenges from biological family members of the child, or challenges that arise if the child is being adopted from another state. Having a lawyer you trust by your side from the beginning will help you to resolve these issues as quickly as possible, so that you can begin the process of becoming a family even sooner.

If you’re a New Jersey resident who is considering adopting a child, contact the compassionate, knowledgeable, and seasoned Union family lawyer John B. D’Alessandro for a consultation, at 908-964-0102.

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