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Considerations when Hiring a Divorce Lawyer

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Finding the right attorney for your specific needs is always important, but rarely is a case ever as personal as a divorce. Choosing the right attorney will have a huge impact on both how your divorce progresses, and on your personal experience during the case. Read on to learn about important issues to consider before choosing an attorney to handle your divorce.

Decide how you’d like your divorce to proceed, and make sure a potential attorney can support your goals

Divorces are as unique as the couples involved. While some couples are eager to resolve their divorce quickly, with as little conflict or time spent in a courtroom as possible, others are prepared to go nine rounds at trial. Consider the ideal scenario for how you’d like your divorce to proceed, and discuss these expectations with prospective attorneys. If you anticipate a high-conflict divorce that goes to trial, be sure that the attorney you choose has courtroom experience. If you want to resolve the case out of court, find out whether a prospective attorney has handled mediated divorces.

Ask how much experience your attorney has with family law, and what percentage of their time they spend on divorces and child custody matters

Family law is unlike other fields of law—it functions in its own court system, often using its own unique procedures. Make sure your prospective attorney is not only experienced in law, but specifically in family law, and that they spend a large share of their time focusing on divorces, spousal support, and custody matters.

Find out how you’ll receive updates on your case and who will be your point of contact at the firm

Some law firms will send a senior attorney to consult with a potential new client, but end up giving responsibility for the case to a junior lawyer whom the client hasn’t met. It can even be a challenge to find out who’s responsible for your case, or to receive status updates or ask questions. Be sure to find out the name of the attorney who will be handling your case, and ask to meet with them.

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