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Are Divorce Records Public in NJ?

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After a divorce is complete, all the information pertaining to the court documents of that divorce become public record. Individuals who would like to get a copy of their New Jersey divorce decrees can do so through the Superior Court of New Jersey Records Center.

Divorce is called “dissolution” in New Jersey, and the documents pertaining to a finalized divorce are referred to as dissolution documents. These documents are stored in the respective New Jersey county clerk’s office where the case was heard. They are stored here for several years and are then transferred to the Superior Court of New Jersey Records Center.

New Jersey Open Public Records Act

Because information about court documents of a divorce case is public record, once the case is closed, those documents can be accessed by members of the public under the New Jersey Open Public Records Act.

The act, however, does put some restrictions in place for safeguarding personal information including financial information, testimonies that discuss personal matters, the names and personal information of children, as well as other sensitive pieces of information about the divorce.

New Jersey Sealed Divorce Records

In some instances, sealing a record, or preventing it from being accessible to the public, may be an option. In order to seal a record, both parties have to agree to it. It’s important to note that sealing a record is more difficult to have granted by a court than a redaction which would conceal sensitive information.

What Types of Divorce Documents are Public?

While a lot of documents pertain to a divorce case, only certain types are readily available to the public. The most readily available is the divorce certificate. This certificate details that the Family Part of a New Jersey county Superior Court finalized the divorce.

A divorce decree might also be available, but it can be a bit more difficult to obtain. A divorce decree can include sensitive information including alimony and child support agreements, child custody agreements, assets, and other details outlined in the divorce.

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