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Considering Representing Yourself in Your Family Law Matter? Tread Carefully

By John B. D'Alessandro |

The recently-decided case of Grace v. Grace serves as a bit of a cautionary tale about why representing yourself in your family law matter might not end up saving you money. Jennifer and Gary Grace had a son in 1998, and divorced in 2001. A 2012 review of Gary’s child support obligations by the… Read More »

Time sharing

Contact Between Divorced Parent’s Child and New Romantic Partner Can’t Be Limited by Agreement

By John B. D'Alessandro |

In a recent Ocean County Family Part court decision, Judge Lawrence Jones invalidated an indefinite restraint on contact between a child of divorced parents and a parent’s new significant other. In the case of Mantle v. Mantle, the divorcing couple had entered a consent agreement stating that each parent would be indefinitely restrained from… Read More »

child support1

Change in Child Support Law Would Lead to Automatic Termination of Support

By John B. D'Alessandro |

A recently-passed New Jersey Senate bill would give a default termination date for child support paid in New Jersey. The bill, passed on July 23 by the senate, would set 19 as the default age by which child support payments would no longer be due, without some special circumstances that would cause the payments… Read More »

restraining order

Final Restraining Order Upheld Against Woman Who Took Child out of the Country for Months Longer Than Planned, Exhibited Violent Behavior

By John B. D'Alessandro |

An Appellate Division court has held as valid a final restraining order (“FRO”) where a woman had a violent outburst over missing personal property, after having taken the couple’s child out of the country for months longer than originally planned. The case, titled M.H. v. V.H., was on appeal from the Family Part court… Read More »


Exposing Adolescent Daughter to Pink Concert Not an Exercise of Poor Judgment, Says Judge

By John B. D'Alessandro |

In a case examining the soundness of parental judgment in exposing a child to the music and performance of Pink, one Family Part judge has found that there is some merit to be found in the singer’s message. In a case heard before New Jersey Family Part Judge Lawrence Jones in Ocean County Superior… Read More »

Hand writing the text: Relocation

When a Custodial Parent Relocates Out of State, the Court’s Jurisdiction May Relocate Too

By John B. D'Alessandro |

You may know that before a custodial parent can relocate out of state and take the kids with him or her, the parent must get approval from the court. The custodial parent must file a motion with the court and notify the noncustodial parent, who may object to the motion. After reviewing the arguments… Read More »

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